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How to use the language learning service Tibidiscis

Tibidiscis lets you learn languages using texts that you have chosen and added yourself. The Tibidiscis exercises look like the following.

Example 1

Fill in the blanks (see an example below). Don't be afraid of mistakes!

Example 2

Submit the exercise for checking. You'll get an immediate feedback.

Example 3

The exercises are generated from text automatically, so your answer is always compared to the original word in a gap. If the words differ, your answer is shown in brackets before the original word.

The service includes several texts to get you going, but learning is much more fun and motivating if you add texts that you find exciting yourself.

Select the language you want to learn in the menu in the header. More instructions and learning tips can be found in the Guide.

Some of the languages included in the service require a paid subscription (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish at the moment) and some are free (Finnish, Estonian, and some other Finno-Ugric languages at the moment).

A paid subscription lets you learn all the languages included in the service and costs 7 euros (incl. VAT) for a 30-day period. Each sixth period is free. A subscription lets you add new stories and modify them.

A free registration lets you add new stories and modify them for free languages. Additionally, you can learn the other languages using the stories included by the service. Your learning progress of these languages is also saved.

The service can also be used as a guest user without registration. A guest user can learn all languages using the stories included in the service. The learning results are removed after the session expires.

The service requires that JavaScript and cookies are enabled in the browser. We recommend the newest versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Safari, and IE/Edge.