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  • More hints and variation!

    03 Nov 2016 14:00

    We have updated the generation of exercises for Finnish and Estonian, such that there would be even more variation in them. For instance, some very useful adverbs, particularly for expressing time and space, can now be found in gaps.

    Additionally, a hint in a gap can also be a prefix of the missing word, not just the base form. This makes it possible that also ambiguous word forms for which there are several alternatives for a base form can be selected as gap words. In some cases, the hint is simply the first two letters of the word.

  • Tere! Learn Estonian!

    24 Aug 2016 14:00

    We have added Estonian to Tibidiscis!
  • Major update to Tibidiscis!

    28 Apr 2016 15:00

    We have made a major update to Tibidiscis! The text analysis framework has been extended such that a larger variety of hints can be provided for missing words. A hint can be, for instance, the base form of the word, or some part of the word.

    If there is no hint in a gap, the missing word is very frequent or no useful hint can be found. The word can also be so ambiguous that we cannot reliably provide a base form. An empty hint can also be one option among others: sometimes, a base form or part of the word is given as a hint, sometimes, no hint at all. This way, even after many repeats, the exercises look new and fresh.

  • Tibidiscis now cooperates with the FinUgRevita Project

    12 Jun 2015 14:00

    Tibidiscis is now cooperating with the FinUgRevita Project. FinUgRevita builds language-technology tools to aid in language learning and supporting endangered Finno-Ugric languages. Cooperating partners include researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Szeged.

    Tibidiscis provides FigUgRevita with a flexible learning platform that enables easy experimentation with new ideas. At the moment, our language selection includes Erzya, Meadow Mari, Udmurt, and Northern Sami. More languages to come! P.S. Learning Finno-Ugric languages is free for everyone at Tibidiscis.

  • Learn French!

    25 Sep 2014 11:00

    Now you can learn French with us!
  • New language: Swedish!

    29 Aug 2014 10:00

    We have added a new language: Swedish!
  • New language: Italian!

    05 Aug 2014 10:00

    We have added a new language! You can now learn Italian, too.
  • Let's talk football, en español!

    19 Jun 2014 13:00

    We have added a selection of football stories in Spanish. Learn how to talk about the chances of the teams and the details of a game, among other interesting things.
  • Learn Spanish!

    24 May 2014 14:00

    You can now learn Spanish with Tibidiscis!
  • Tibidiscis has been launched!

    24 Apr 2014 12:00

    Tibidiscis language learning service is now open. Learn English, German, and Finnish. Spanish is coming soon. Learn free with the sample texts. WIth a paid subscription, you can add any texts you like, in order to learn language you need for work or hobbies.